Mexican Bareknuckle Politics: Esther Gordillo busted for stealing subject logo: MEX2013
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Protege of Salinas de Gortari gets arrested by another protege of Salinas de Gortari.

>From TFA:

Authorities have arrested the leader of Mexico's largest union, accusing her of embezzling millions of dollars and using some of the money to pay for plastic surgery, shop at luxury stores and buy real estate.

Elba Esther Gordillo, who has led Mexico's high-profile national teacher's union for more than two decades, was in federal custody after she was arrested at an airport outside Mexico City on Tuesday, the country's attorney general told reporters.

Investigators from Mexico's treasury found that MX $2.6 billion (more than USD $200 million) had been routed from union funds into private bank accounts abroad, including some managed by Gordillo, Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said.

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