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This is another assassination mission. The first of these requires the player to infiltrate across about five kilometers of hostile territory before making his rendezvous. This version, Version 2, the assassin, a long range sniper with a Cheytac .408 rifle is near the rendezvous when the scenario begins.

The description makes it sound so easy, except that when the target goes down, every unit within earshot of the assassination will converge on the sniper's location. Not easy to get passed all those patrols.

The mission description follows:

The Chedakis are holding a high level meeting with the top regional commanders of their southern zone in Dubrovka this morning.

Vladimir Ivanov was one of the Chedakis top commander during the civil war, so he has a lot of blood on his hands. He has been extremely hard to track, but thanks to one of our operatives, we have intelligence he will be at this meeting.

We will not get a better chance at this than right now

You and a hard picked escort will infiltrate to a location north of Dubrovka to meet with the operative. Her name is Olga. She will show you where to set up and will ID the target for you.

Because of the meeting we expect security to be very high with several motorized and foot patrols in the area. You must get past them undetected.

The meeting is being hosted by the mayor of Dubrovka and several other important citizens. They are not targets, and you are expected to exercise care they are not harmed in this operation.

Once your target is dead, you will exfiltrate west to your rendezvous at LZ1 and radio for the extraction helicopter for your ride home.

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