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This is a variant of a scenario for an assault on the recently rebel held town of Berezino. The rebel operation has been the culmination of a number of separate actions by the Chedakis which preceded the taking of Berezino. Of the three, this one is the most immersive, albeit with no photo play. On March 23rd,2015, Chedaki rebels attacked and seized Berezino from the march. The attack was so unexpected that our forces were unable to mount a counterattack. Ships and troops stationed at Berezino did evacuate in time, but the base commander his deputy, an armed security guard and two female civilian employees are trapped in an apartment building about one kilometer from the railroad station. The rebels are apparently unaware of their presence.

At the moment, a rebel rifle company holds the town and the rebels are allowing Berezino to be used by the Russian Navy, and are in the process of rebuilding the base for that use. Our drone overflights show another mixed rifle company, consisting of one light rifle platoon, and two mixed motorized rifle platoons with two BRDM scout cars and four technicals, are stationed in Dubrovka and Khelm as rapid reaction forces.

The operation will commence just before dawn at 0500 hrs and will open with an air strike by eight Chernarusian Navy SEAD aircraft which will destroy rebel air defenses, and any rebel troops they can before exiting from the area of operation. Once rebel air defenses are down, your landing operations will begin

Your rifle group, initially consisting of three rifle squads and your six man team, will insert north of the railyard, and move to seize the railroad station, which the rebels have set up as a computer/command center. Your personal task will be to seize any computer data and eliminate all armed opposition. Once the railroad station house is secure, your forces will move to Phase Line North, and hold that line at all costs.

About 30 minutes into the operation, your forces will receive three more rifle squads which also will insert by sea. Those forces will be responsible for holding the railroad station against any enemy counterattacks coming from Khelm. Your initial forces will hold Phase Line North against all resistance coming from Dubrovka

In the south, army units consisting of a light rifle platoon and one BRDM scout car section will attack north, with the eventual objective being Phase Line South. Those forces also will be dealing with rebel mobile units coming from Dubrovka.

Rescuing the trapped base commander and his guests are an optional operation, to be done only when your mission of holding the phase line is secure. As soon as you make contact, you will send the group to the civilian evacuation point.

You have four naval ground interdiction missions available to you, consisting of eight SU-25s. Also, a small relief group is assembled and ready to provide ammunition and medical care.

The ship have a small supply of ammunition aboard, but it is suggested you first strip enemy and friendly dead for ammunition.

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