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Appropos of the Iranian attack on our naval forces, the same day I was working on making one of my favorite Arma air scenarios, a stranded patrol boat rescue, which comes in two flavors: 1) Stranded while on the sea, and 2) a beached patrol boat.

What follows is the scenario description for the beached boat scenario. No foto play is available yet:

Major, a Chernarus naval patrol boat has been severely damaged and has been run aground near Rify to prevent it from sinking. The command element of that patrol is still fully operational, but the commander refuses to abandon the boat.

Two sailors from the damaged boat are ashore and providing local security while repairs are being made, except that the patrol group will need additional assistance to make that happen.

The patrol division commander is readying a relief force to assist with repairs and to cover the evacuation, but it is not expected to get under weigh for another 30 minutes.

In the meantime, the stranded group is facing large numbers of enemy infantry and technicals/scout cars massing for an attack. Admiral Petrovskiy has ordered a small naval infantry detachment (5 effectives) to be helidropped to provide additional security. That detachment is expected to evacuate along with the boats.

You are ordered to launch an air cover operation using two of your SU-25s, including one spotter plane, while the relief force is attempting to assist. Your planes will stay on station and attack any enemy force attempting to attack the stranded group. You will be in intermittent contact with the naval patrol group commander, who will try to provide targeting data, but your main attack cues will come from your spotter aircraft.

You will stay on station for the estimated 90 minutes it will take to repair the boat, and get everyone there evacuated.

All the best, Major.

Time of day and weather are random, and the map is Chernarus Winter map.

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