Weekly Combat Summary, November 11th, 2022 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from October 21st, 2022, to November 13th, 2022 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continue at an increased tempo.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in nine operations in four regions.

1) On October 22nd, 2022, a task force assembled from elements of 4th Bn, Chernarus 10th Tank Brigade was ordered to Molbath in Rosche with the task of stopping an enemy advance.

When the task force screening units arrived already there were enemy infantry. During the deployment in town the task force was attacked by three Mi-8 gunships, which were destroyed by vehicle counterfire.

Brigade operations staff then ordered the task force north another kilometer where it was met by more enemy armor and infantry attacks. Tank 2 and Reinforcing Tank 1 destroyed several enemy armor vehicles.

Command squad and 3rd squad defended against enemy combined infantry and armored attacks, all of which were stopped the great losses to the enemy.

During the retreat command squad was nearly ambushed in Molbath by an enemy T-34/85. The tank was later destroyed by a task force tank.

Losses were light with command squad losing four. Field counts of enemy losses include three T-55 tanks and five T-34/85 tanks. Other vehicle losses include BRDMs and MI-8 gunships.

2) 1st Bn operations staff for Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade assembled for tasking for after receiving a warning order that separatist forces were making for Querenhorst in Werferlingen.

Querenhorst sits next to a river, having three bridges that cross into town. The bridges make defending the town complicated. As soon as the task force arrived, infantry and armor attacks began.

The task force fought off enemy attacks, destroying several Infantry fighting vehicles, gunships, and tanks, as well as infantry.

When commander received word the pilot of the Su-25 providing air support survived being shot down, the commander launched an ad hoc recovery operation, successfully rescuing the pilot.

Losses were very light. Scout 2 BRDM scout car lost its commander. When the task force received orders to withdraw, they retreated back to Mariental Horst in good order.

Enemy losses were very heavy. Field counts of enemy losses included three T-34/85 and three T-55s. Three enemy gunships were shot down.

3) A task force assembled from 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Light Rifle Brigade marched on Zaistevo in Beketov with orders to stop a separatist force attempt to take over the town.

The task force first attacked and cleared an enemy deployment at the airfield before proceeding to Zaitsevo. The deployment at Zaitsevo was aligned to catch enemy vehicles as they attempted to enter the town.

3rd squad and 2nd squad were deployed well forward on the northern edge of town while command squad acted as a fire brigade in the town center.

Enemy special forces attacked the antitank vehicles first, destroying one before they were driven back by command squad. 3rd squad fought off attacks on the northeastern edge of town, while 2nd squad did the same in the northwest.

Commander was forced to order a retreat from town early due to heavy losses. 2nd and 3rd squad were virtually wiped out, while both AT vehicles were destroyed. One BRDM was abandoned due to damage.

4) Part I

Bn command for 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade ordered a light infantry task force to go to The Factory in Chernarus to intercept a separatist force heading there.

The task force defended from static positions in the area against numerous infantry and vehicle attacks, eventually stopping the attacks.

Losses were high with command squad being nearly wiped out and 2nd squad losing three. Despite being ordered to return to the marshaling point, the commander mounted a downed pilot recovery mission.

Part II

During the battle to defend The Factory in Chernarus, the SU-25 ground interdiction fighter was shot down, with the pilot surviving. When orders to retreat were issued, commander launched a separate mission to recover the pilot.

On locating the pilot and rendering first aid, Air Support 1, an MI-24 gunship, was ordered to land nearby, but instead was damaged.

Commander then rendezvoused with Scout 2 (BRDM), where the air crew were evacuated. As the rest of the task force retreated, Scout 2 came under attack by an enemy patrol, and was damaged in an RPG attack.

Total losses for the operation were high with command squad losing eight, and 2d squad losing five. Both scout cars were damaged or destroyed.

5) Commander of Chernarus Coastal Operations Group ordered a battlegroup from 1st Bn, Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment into southern Chernarus.

A combination or Russian speaking militia, Russian naval infantry and Wagner PMCs took over an area around Chernogorsk, and were making preparations to reinforce their holdings.

6) An ad hoc armored task force, directly subordinated to Chernarus Coastal Operations Group was ordered to central Chernarus to conduct clearing operations, November 5th to November 6th.

The group successfully cleared all areas, inflicting severe damage on the enemy and their operations in the region.

Losses were heavy with two tanks were destroyed, and one damaged. One special forces rifle squad was destroyed. The task force commander was killed in an enemy gunship attack.

Enemy losses were even higher with three AA armor vehicles, three BRDM scout cars and one T-72 tank destroyed.

7) A task assembled from 1st Bn, Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment was ordered into southern Chernarus with the task of clearing several sectors.

Command squad followed the task force's foot mobile recon squad, encountering and defeating a Wagner rifle squad.

The infantry group then was ordered to the southwest on reports of AA vehicles. It ran into a Russian naval infantry mechanized squad, including a BMP-2.

In the ensuing firefight the task force commander was killed. The task force was ordered to withdraw and regroup.

8) A Chernarus Defense Forces armored group, from 1st Bn, Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment conducts new, separate operations after being ordered to withdraw and regroup.

This time the task attacked from the west towards a complex of settlements near Prigorodkyi, where a powerful enemy grouping consisting of Russian naval infantry, Russian militia and Wagner operators were holding the town.

Despite encountering a mortar team and an enemy BMP-2 -- as well as enemy infantry AT -- the infantry penetrated as far as east Prigorodkyi before being stopped.

The commander was killed in the firefight. Regimental command has ordered the attack to continue.

9) A subsequent attack was launched by a battle group assembled from 1st Bn, Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment in the region around Prigorodky.

The attacks continued again from the west. This time enemy held western parts of Chernogorsk, where Russian speaking militia (with checkpoints) and Russian naval infantry anti tank teams were deployed.

Command squad, with the help of the tanks, fought through the enemy, until they ran into a crossfire between naval infantry and Wagner operators. Nearly half the squad was killed.

Losses were high with one tank destroyed while trying to support an infantry attack on one of the sectors. When command squad joined in on the attack, the commander was killed.

Regimental command will press the attack.

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