Combat Summary for March 24th, 2023 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from March 17th, 2023, to March 23rd 2023 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a reduced pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in three operations in three regions.

1) OP2303-17-1 A task force assembled from 1st Bn, Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment received a warning order about possible enemy movement in southern Zagrosk: Raduzhnoye and Penkino.

In Raduzhnoye, enemy infantry attacks came from the north across open fields as command squad engaged and stopped Russian special forces, Wagner operators and Spanish speaking militia, as they tried to press into the town.

The enemy also sent a gunship, and several light armor vehicles. The task force commander was killed. A downed SU-25 pilot was recovered and returned to base.

Task force commander then shifted his forces east to Penkino, where most of the enemy's forces attacked from the northwest including vehicles.

When the withdraw order came down, commander attempted to push north to recover a second downed pilot, but he stopped responding to radio calls. Commander ordered the task force to retreat.

Losses were high. 2nd squad lost six, which command squad lost four. One BRDM scout car was destroyed in Raduzhnoye, one tank was disabled and abandoned, and one MI-24 gunship was shot down.

Field counts of enemy losses included five BTR-80As, one BRDM scout car, and one MI-8 gunship.

2) OP2303-17-3 Parts of 1st Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade were ordered to Gross Steim to cover the evacuation of a class of citizens under threat by local separatists.

The town mayor asked the brigade commander to just provide transport, but the commander wanted to cover the evacuation. It was known at the time that should the evacuation involved CDF troops, separatists would attack.

The enemy attacked from the northwest, first with Wagner operators, which were quickly stopped by artillery and direct rifle fire. A separate attempt to flank the deployment to the west was stopped as well.

A second attack took place also in the west by Spanish speaking militia, but they were driven back as well.

In the east, Tank 2 was assigned to cover the road leading from the north. The tank crew encountered several wheeled armor vehicles and defeated them.

The evacuation was successful with all civilians wishing to leave safely escorted back south. The task force suffered zero casualties.

Field counts of enemy losses included three BTR-80As.

3) OP2303-17-6 A task force formed from elements of 1st Bn, Chernarus 4th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to Staroye in Chernarus to attack the village and clear it of enemy forces.

At the start of the attack, 2nd squad was completely destroyed by enemy artillery. Command squad continued to press its attack from the east, while 3rd squad attacked from the west.

By the time command squad moved into the village, 3rd squad was destroyed. Command squad continued to press its attack with air support, defending against reinforcing enemy troops coming in from the north.

In the end, it was all for naught. The operation was a total failure with the entire ground element wiped out.

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