Weekly Combat Summary for April 7th, 2022 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from March 31st, 2023, to April 6th 2023 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an accelerated pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in six operations in four regions.

1) OP2303-31-1 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment launched a wide area combat operation in Rosche, focusing on three locales, Mehre, Gross Lidern and Klein Lidern.

Mehre fell quickly to an attack by the task force. Command squad attacked from the southwest, penetrating into the center of town. The task force commander was killed in an enemy infantry counterattack.

The second in command completed the takeover of Mehre, destroying three enemy supply trucks and seizing documents from the dead body of a female minder of the criminal command element.

After repairing two of the tanks involved in the attack on Mehre,the task force continued to Gross Lidern. This time 2nd squad was on the ground and attacking from the southeast, while command squad attacked from the southwest.

Following the final assault at Klein Lidern commander ordered a tank abandoned after the repair truck was destroyed at Gross Lidern.

Losses were very heavy. Command squad lost seven while second squad lost two. Both BRDM scout cars were destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included five BMPs, three SPG-9 technicals and one tank.

2) OP2303-31-3 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to march on the town of Hodingen in Weferligne to clear it of separatist forces.

In town, the commander ordered an artillery strike on an enemy antiaircraft position, destroying it. Shortly afterwards, enemy counterbattery destroyed the friendly artillery.

The town was occupied by a small contingent of local militia. Commander eliminated a female element of the criminal command command post, seizing documents, including a cell phone.

In the initial attack Tank 1 was disabled by enemy BTR-80A. The tank was repaired just as the task force was withdrawn south.

Losses were non-existent. The supporting artillery battery was destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included three AA vehicles, one BTR-80A and one T-55 tank.

3) OP2303-31-3B 3rd Bn, Chernarus 19th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment was sent to Rabi in Sumava with orders to clear it and two other locales of enemy activity.

In the initial contact the task force's UAZ recon vehicle became stuck at the bridge leading into town, all the while under fire by enemy infantry.

The arrival of command squad and two tanks swiftly cleared that block.

Command squad cleared the town going from the southwest towards the north, ending in a location where enemy supply truck were parked. All three supply trucks were destroyed.

The game ended early because of a technical glitch that prevented saving the game.

4) OP2303-31-5 3rd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade launched a defensive operation in Gabreta with the primary mission intercepting enemy forces heading for Philipsreut.

The task force began its operation during heavy enemy patrol activity, running into a foot patrol near Ausbach, and then coming under attack by a technical, and then a gunship. Weapons squad shot the gunship down.

In the initial contact at Philipsreut, commander launched an artillery barrage against the suspected position of the BRDM which earlier had destroyed the AA truck. A BMP IFV also was there.

Commander launched a second artillery attack, forcing the BRDM back into town, but disabling the BMP. Commander finished off the BMP with an RPG-18. A second BMP caught the commander and killed him.

2nd squad and 3rd squad pushed into town with light resistance. Commander mistakenly moved command squad forward while conducting a search for weapons, nearly wiping out his command.

The next acting commander called a retreat in the face of enemy reinforcements closing in on the town, including technicals. When 2nd squad became wedged in town, command squad attacked and released them.

During the retreat, commander encountered an enemy patrol, which subsequently was wiped out.

Casualties were heavy with command squad being wiped out, 2nd squad losing six and 3rd squad losing five. The ammunition truck and AA truck both were destroyed by enemy action.

Field counts of enemy losses included two BMPs, three technicals, and one MI-8 gunship.

5) OP2303-31-6 2nd Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Light Rifle Brigade marched on an area about one kilometer south of Groznovo in Beketov with orders to clear the area of separatist troops.

The tactical plan was for all three rifle squads to array on a broad front, but to use the roads to press concentric attacks on the enemy position.

The approach march was via truck, yet was lengthy, allowing air support to soften up the position. Command squad arrived at the position first, clearing the area of enemy troops in front of the position.

Commander located and eliminated the two commanders, stripping their corpses of critical intelligence material. Commander then destroyed three enemy supply trucks before being ordered to retreat. Up to this point there were zero losses. In the retreat, 2nd squad was destroyed by an enemy tank. Air Support 1 was downed with the air crew surviving, which were evacuated along with the crew of Scout 1.

Field counts of enemy losses included three techncials.

6) OP2303-31-7 3rd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was dispatched to Wustfeld in Gabreta with orders to hold the town against incoming enemy attacks.

In the initial entry into the town, 4th Squad ran into an enemy patrol. Command squad quickly moved to support 4th Squad, but arrived too late to help. The enemy patrol killed an ammunition truck driver.

The tactical plan was for the three rifle squad to deploy along a line facing north. 2nd Squad and command squad took the brunt fthe three attacks, driving them all off.

When the order to retreat came down, the task force retreated in good roder to Berda. Losses werwe moderate. Command squad lost one while 2nd Squad lost three.

There were no field counts of enemy vehicle losses.

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