Weekly Combat Summary for May 12th, 2023 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from May 5th, 2023, to May 11th 2023 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at an increased pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) OP2305-5-1 A task force assembled from 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade was ordered to recover a tank abandoned near Werferlingen city in Werferlingen.

Recovery operations are complicated in that the abandoned tank must be repaired, refueled, and recrewed all under the threat of enemy fire.

Fortunately the enemy failed to post guards at the location of the tank. Enemy counterbattery artillery did wipe out friendly supporting artillery.

The tank was quickly repaired and evacuated from its position. Tank 2 suffered a mobility hit. It, too, was repaired and evacuated.

The task force withdrew back to the southeast. Losses were very light with command squad losing one.

Field counts of enemy losses included two light technicals.

2) OP2305-5-1B 3rd Bn, Chernarus 13th Separate Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade recon staff received credible reports that separatist forces had entered the town of Ribbenstedt, and were planning to reinforce the area.

The resulting task force moved by road march to Ribbenstedt. The tactical plan was for the entire force, save for one tank to attack from the southeast, while Tank 1 would attack from the southwest.

Once dismounted, commander ordered an artillery strike of the suspected location of three supply trucks with enemy brought with them. Their presence was a clear indication the separatist were planning a troop build up.

After the artillery landed (12 rounds) the penetration of the enemy's defensive zone went very quickly. Commander found and eliminated one of the criminal commander's minder, stripping her of documents and a cell phone.

When the withdraw order came down, the task force withdrew in good order south. Losses were very light with command squad losing one and 3rd squad losing one.

Field counts of enemy losses included two light technicals and one BRDM scout car.

3) OP2305-5-3 A task force assembled from 1st Bn, Chernarus 17th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Brigade launched a combat operation in Leskovets.

After a quick 13 kilometers overland march, the task force attacked Baluvitsa from the southeast and southwest, penetrating into the enemy's defensive zone. In a brief exchange of fire, the commander was killed.

In Leskovets village, clearing operations were extended in time due to heavy enemy counterattacks from the north and south. Infantry casualties were mounting at this point as command squad moved through the village.

The operations to clear Varbono, by contrast, went very quickly with command squad and 2nd squad attacking from southeast to northwest.

Casualties were high. Seven infantry were lost between command and 2nd squads. Scout 1 was abandoned, and AA2 was destroyed after an encounter with an enemy T-55 tank.

Field counts of enemy losses included six BRDMs, two light technicals, one BTR-80A and one T-34/85.

4) OP2305-5-6 A task force from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade was ordered to march on Nadbor in Livonia with orders to defend the town against an expected enemy attack.

The defensive deployment was in a convex arc facing north with 3rd squad in the west, 2nd squad in the east and command squad in the middle. Tank 1 provided support for command squad.

Enemy rifle attacks commenced initially from the northeast on the positions of command squad and 2rd squad. Vehicle attacks commenced along the main north south road leading into Nadbor.

Command squad and 2nd squad drove off several infantry attacks by Wagner operators and Spanish speaking militia.

3rd squad also was attacked on their positions along with two reinforcing rifle squads. In the end all attacks were stopped.

Casualties were moderate. Command squad lost three, 2nd squad lost two and third squad lost two. Relieving rifle squad one lost five, while relieving rifle squad two lost three.

Field counts of enemy losses included nine technicals.

5) OP2305-5-7 Parts of 3rd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade marched on Rabi with orders to attack and clear the town fo enemy separatist troops.

Commander also had orders to eliminate a pair of enemy command operatives, Eveginiy Samarchenko and Nexhmije Alliluyeva, and to record an atrocity where a number of civilians were executed by the separatists.

The tactical plan for the attack was for the recon squad and 2nd squad to attack and clear the castle overlooking Rabi, while 2rd squad and command squad attack from the southwest.

As recon squad and 2nd squad continued their sweep, command squad swept along the main east west road clearing the area of enemy infantry.

Commander was unable to locate the female minder of the criminal command operatives, but did locate and strip the lead operative of documents on his person.

Commander also advanced to the location of the atrocity and recorded it.

Due to time constraints, commander ordered the task force to retreat. By the time commander was cleared of Rabi, a massive enemy attack using infantry and vehicles took place against recon squad and 2nd squad.

Casualties were heavy. 2nd squad and recon squad were wiped out. 3rd squad lost three while command squad lost two.

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