Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, June 30th, 2023 subject logo: MILGAM
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From: Chernarus Coastal Operations Group
Subject: Weekly Summary of Combat Operations, from June 23rd 2023, to June 29th 2023 Inclusive.

Message begins:

The tempo of combat operations continued at a steady pace.

Chernarus Defense, Naval and air forces have engaged in five operations in four regions.

1) OP2306-23-1 A task force assembled from elements of 1st Bn Chernarus 19th Separate Mountain Mechanized Cavalry Regiment launched a multi-vector defensive combat operation in Chernarus.

In Nadezhdino, the first objective, the task force was hit from the northeast and northwest by Russian speaking infantry. Enemy heavy armor also attacked via the northern road. The defensive line held, inflicting heavy losses.

The task force then was ordered to retreat south and rendezvous with a few vehicles in need of repair, as that grouping was attacked by Wagner operated gunships.

In Mogilievka, command squad and 2nd squad deployed along the northern edge of town to defend against enemy infantry and armor attacks. Another MI-8 gunship appeared only to be shot down by task force vehicles.

In Pusta, enemy attacks continued including BTR-80As and gunships. Because a gunship blocked the task force, the task force retreated south, avoiding the gunship, ultimately successfully reaching the coastal highway.

Losses were high with command squad losing four, and 2nd squad being wiped out. Two T-55s, two MI-24 gunships, and one ZU-23/2 AA gun truck were destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included five T-55s, five MI-8s, four BTR-80As, two BMPs and one technical.

2) OP2306-23-3 A task force assembled from 2nd Bn, Chernarus 20th Separate Mechanized Cavalry Regiment launched a multi-vector defensive combat operation in Cham against separatist forces.

In the first objective in Preseishl, enemy covering forces were waiting on the task force, engaging and destroying Scout 2. Task force tanks entered the town, destroying the armor vehicles and technicals.

The task force then deployed with command squad holding a position directly north of the town. Enemy vehicles came crashing in from the northeast and from the north.

Enemy infantry attacked as well, units of which included Wagner operators and Spanish speaking infantry. Vehicles attacking included BTR-80As, BRDMs, T-55 and T-34 tanks.

The task force then was ordered to retreat out of town and redeploy to the northeast to Loitendorf, where attacks from Wagner operators and armor vehicles continued. Commander was killed attempting to destroy an enemy tank.

In the final objective at Hitlersreid, the reinforced command squad blocked a northbound road, except that enemy attacks were taking place from the east and northeast.

Enemy pressure became too heavy, so commander decided to call a retreat from town, effectively ending the operation.

Losses were moderate. Command squad lost six. Two T-55s, one T-72 and one Scout Car were destroyed. An SU-25 pilot was recovered and transport back to the forward zone.

Field counts of enemy losses included five BRDMs, three BTR-80As, three T34s, two BMPs, two T-55s and two technicals.

3) OP2306-23-5A Amphibious naval infantry task force landed by assault transport boat in Maksiniemi with orders to retake village of South Kaupilla.

Among instructions commander of the task force had was to release prisoners held by separatist forces. Naval intelligence said the trio, two women and a man were known operatives working for a friendly intelligence service.

Once on land, commander launched a series of field artillery scatterable mines near intersections and roads where enemy vehicles QRFs were likely to appear.

The task force advanced into village on a broad front, until 2nd squad began contact with enemy riflemen. A firefight ensued and then spread, as the task force cleared away enemy infantry.

Command squad advanced to the location of a pair of enemy civilian command operatives, finding and eliminating an armed female minder. The area was searched, and the main operatives was found. His body was stripped of intelligence materials.

Task force retreated in good order back to the boats for return to command ship. Losses were moderate with command squad losing two, 2nd squad losing five and 3rd squad losing one.

Field counts of enemy losses included two vehicles.

4) OP2306-23-5B An amphibious combat operation took place in eastern Maksniemi at the village of Simoniemi, where separatist affiliated troops were expected to occupy.

The task force, part of 1st Bn, Chernarus 2nd Naval Infantry Brigade, landed by assault boat, and, upon reaching town, was immediately set upon by Wagner operators who already were in town.

The enemy rifle force was eliminated, then the task force deployed along a straight line running east to west. Commander called in several mine scattering naval artillery missions into areas of expected ingress of enemy troops.

3rd squad had contact with a second Wagner detachment, and drove them off with the help of command squad. Command squad also engaged and destroyed a Russian speaking militia rifle group in the north and northeast.

Even more separatist affiliated rifle squads attacked from the east and northeast, including Spanish speaking militia, Wagner operators and Russian special forces. Task force commander was killed in the firefight.

When the order to retreat came down, the task force retreated by squad west to the boats, before loading up and leaving.

Casualties were moderate with command squad losing five, and 4th squad losing two.

5) OP2306-23-6 A task force assembled from elements on 2nd Bn, Chernarus 24th Separate Light Mountain Rifle Brigade marched on the Power Plant in Livonia with orders to stop an enemy attack taking place.

The tactical deployment was for 3rd Squad and Tank 1 to defend along the east north-south road, while 2nd Squad and Tank 2 defended the northeastern corner of the Power Plant. Command squad took the northwestern corner.

Even before the deployments took place, enemy covering forces had arrived on the western edge, with unidentified infantry attacking 3rd Squad. Anther attack took place soon after.

On the eastern side 2nd squad fended off attacks from three separate rifle groups: Russian speaking militia, Wagner operators and Spanish speaking militia. For the most part the line held, but it was costly.

Commander decided to retreat from command squad's position, and to launch a counterattack from the southern end of the Power Plant.

The attack was mostly successful, but by that time, 2nd squad was wiped out.

When an enemy vehicle attack started to cause severe casualties, commander declared the mission outcome doubtful, and called a general retreat.

Losses were catastrophic. 2nd squad and Relieving Rifle Squads 1 were wiped out. Command squad lost six and 3rd Squad lost five. Tank 2 was destroyed.

Field counts of enemy losses included five technicals, three BRDMs and one T-34.

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