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That's what is being said about Texas quarterback Vince Young. Stuff like leadership, and playing smarts, things that can't be measured during the combines or pro days. Young has intangibles which will make him a great player, but his hometown pro team is looking elsewhere.

So, the Houston Texans have announced they will draft either North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams, or USC junior running back Reggie Bush.

Last year the Texans took a defensive end and a running back in the first three rounds of the draft, Florida State DE Travis Johnson and Oklahoma State running back Vernand Morency.

Last year Morency was relegated to special teams and a total of 437 return yards, one fumble. Johnson played 15 games had 26 tackles and one QB sack.

Both players appear to be long term team projects and may continue to develop the more they play.

Our guess? Bush is a tiny fella, and in training camp if he shows he can make the big plays the Texans may well use him as a starter, but we believe that Bush will likely be a starter on special teams, instead of running the ball from scrimmage.

Mario Williams, as a second new defensive end could make a difference immediately for the Texans. Bush could well take a whole season or two to develop, but Williams can make plays now.

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