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Top dogs in the NCAA is Ohio State, Texas, Notre Dame and West Virginia.

None of these teams are surprising, except maybe West Virgina.

We agree that Mountaineer QB Pat White is destined for greatness and keeping a solid offensive line in front of him will help, but number four? The reason in the article enumerated is West Virginia's defense, which apparently they have been working on this spring.

We hope so. The Sugar Bowl illustrated that if there is any area the Mountaineers are lacking, it will be in defense especially after Georgia spotted West Virginia 28 points in the Sugar Bowl, yet nearly won the game.

One of those surprises, or maybe not so much was Georgia being in the top 25. But it appears the Dawgs are deep again in defense, and even with losing a quarterback D.J. Shockley to the draft, Joe Tereshinski, will bring a little more businesslike character of play on the offense.

Tereshinski won't be exciting like Shockley was but then the Dawgs will be without what we called "The Shockley Factor" which for better or worse, both lost and won games for Georgia.

One team we believe to be underrated even in this poll is Oklahoma. Graduation didn't not hurt the Sooners in the least and with this sophomore QB ready for the new year, OU could well wind up in a BCS Bowl after everything is said and done.

Us? We wanna see depth charts and current rosters before we make any determination. We know the Buckeyes will be the monsters of the Big 10 along with Notre Dame and maybe Michigan. We like Texas and Oklahoma to be the monsters of the Big 12 South, but we also know Big 12 North rival Nebraska will be returning 18 senior starters, and whomever wins the Big 12 South divisional title is likely to face Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game.

We believe in strong conferences, which the Big 10 looks likely to be so much, won-loss records will be like dessert in determining champions; nice to have if you have room for it. The competition will be so tight what could come out of it will be four top teams but only one with a good enough record to make a BCS bid.

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