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Say it ain't so.

This story is a compilation of issues including the 2005 driver strike against Michelin which saw three teams refuse to race.

NASCAR is the 800 pound gorilla in the room with regard to racing, except each are very different kinds of racing.

NASCAR is very popular in the US owing in no small part to the huge amount of hype surrounding the motosport, but despite all that NASCAR has its problems, and they are such that the Formula One people could well exploit to gain in the US.

One big shortcoming in NASCAR and its biggest criticism are the circuits. Oval tracks, going in circles and at high speeds doesn't have much appeal to some motorsport fans.

What good is 250 mph is there is little skill involved in negotiating the track?

Forumla One racing is an obvious foil to the marketing that is done to promote NASCAR, and because of the circuits.

But US fan is a hard sell. Witness metric football.

So, in 2007 Forumla One may withdraw altogether from the USA because of lack of fan support.

Excuse us? Where is the advertising promoting the sport to begin with with the obvious marketing wedge that can be used to lure motorsport fans?

Invest a little in marketing. Use the same tools that NASCAR has used in the past to gain in motorsports.

You can't win if you don't suit up.

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