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The good folks at Protein Wisdom have posted a number of stories about the fallout from the Democratic Debate last Wednesday.

I really don't like to post about politics, but the analysis by the two Goldstein assistants is very entertaining and informative as well as too good to pass up. You should also read the comments.

A sample:

I am TOTALLY offended!

How could anyone DARE to question Obama’s cynical portrayal of himself? How dare anyone question the beliefs of Obama? He is the Messiah, coming to save America from itself! His mission is to turn our government over to Syria and Iran. Fuckin’ whiteys!

OOOF! Charisma does NOT equate to intelligence. So far, all I have seen is a flaming Marxist who thinks his shit doesn’t stink. The debate was enough to open the eyes of anyone with an IQ of over 90.

Hope? Change? What a riot. Just code words for “fuck the constitution”. Barack knows better than the founding fathers, and if you don’t believe me, just ask his wife. She expounds on his beliefs all the time. If she wasn’t his surrogate, she would be locked up in an institution.

I am still reeling from this idiot’s statement that he would raise taxes, not for increased revenue, but because “it would be fair”.

Much of the time their posts are tl;dr, but I watched the first part of the train wreck known as last Wednesday's debate, I was involved enough to read PW more closely.

That's my excuse anyways. What's yours?

But I totally agree this US electoral primary campaign is not near as important as the upcoming NFL draft. I mean, come on: Matt Ryan as a number one pick?

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