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Since the re-imagined series came to the small screen five years ago, I have been very gratified with the series in nearly every aspect.

The most controversial was replacing Starbuck with a female actress, something I didn't think about work; but alas it did and did very well.

The first miniseries was really very good, so good, in fact, I bought the DVD of it. The mood captured by the film of the ongoing and cascading disaster with moments of tender humanity were quite striking to me. The concept of a spaceborne carrier of tactical fighter vehicles originated some 30 years ago, really make the subsequent series something to watch.

Until Season Three.

I liked the episodes when the Cylons attacked and I liked the displays of how ruthless an enemy they Cylons could be, but the last season which I have been renting was just as sorry display of a series going in another direction, in this case down faster than Number Six on Gaius Baltar.

Season Three had it moments such as the discovery of a virus that could kill Cylons, but a plan to infect a resurrection ship with the virus failed when a senior officer Helo messed up the plans.

His reasoning: If we commit genocide on those who committed genocide on us, we are no better than them.

That of course leaves out the retort from his commander, but at least we'll be alive when we are branded as bad guys.

And the subsequent arrest for dereliction of duty and desertion.

And on it went from that point with the same moralizing that kept the US and other from responding to terrorism: If we defend ourselves we are no better than they are.

Or, it was okay you were being attacked by terrorists until you responded, now you are the bad guys.

Instead of:

Kill 'em all. We will deal with the consequences.

Season Three is a turd in an otherwise fine punchbowl.

I will decline watching Season Four, thank you.

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