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The Obamanation knows that the new stimulus package won't wreck the economy; it's just too big for even government to wreck... yet.

But if the Obamanation can grow the government then government actions can conceivably have consequences, economic consequences, when we get the results from elections.

Republicans have to know that voting for the stimulus will garner them good will from the left, but it will also in the long run serve them badly when the left comes back for more votes for even more radical change later on.

It is up to conservatives to speak out now their opposition to the stimulus on the grounds that congress is ignoring the banking problem that caused the current economic problems on the bet that overspending, over borrowing and the resulting inflation will grow the economy and give the Obamanation his second term.

This is gross second term politics. The Obamanation is doubling down right now that republicans will lose their nerve and vote for the $851 billion on the pain the getting blame when things don't go right.

But that is not how politics usually play out. When an economy recovers, everyone gets credit even when one party opposes the government measures to "stimulate" even when it is clear that government can't itself cause a recovery.

How will this turn out? Republicans will lose their nerve and vote for the coming monstrosity, the recovery will stall and the left will get the blame.

If the republicans don't lose their nerve and don't vote for it and somehow stall it, then the private economy has a chance, albeit not a very good one as long as the banking problem is being ignored, ( which it will be because the solution will include dismantling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ) but a chance nevertheless.

That is how I see it.

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