Glenn Beck is a F*cking Idiot! subject logo: CULTURE
Posted by: badanov

Glenn Beck is so f*cking stupid as a conservative, that we deserved to lose in 2006 and 2008 and we deserve to lose in 2010.

Someone told me Beck said he wasn't concerned about the overspending in the federal budget as he was in the loss of freedoms.

Well DUH! How the f*ck do you think the left can make their assault on individual liberties if they can't pay for it at the federal level.

Forms processing, cops, data gathering, policy papers, lawyers, seminar for judges,and so on takes lots of money taxed from individuals. It takes a lot of robbery to separate you from your liberties.

What the hell did he think ACORN was hoping for at the end of the "stimulus" bill. A big gaping beaver or $1 billion courtesy of Uncle Sam?

His dumbass logic is just part of the reason I wrote him off as an idiot.

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