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There are two main reasons who a socialist revolution will not come to the USA; not Barak Obama's versions, not anyone's.

If you look at every communist revolution starting with the Bolsheviks, two elements stand out in all the most successful ones.

First is the agrarian culture of the nation subject to revolution. In China and Russia as well as Zimbabwe and Nicaragua, the agrarian culture was subsistence. Poor people working in the fields as sharecroppers or tenant farmers, provided a levy to landowners, high enough to keep them working the land for the landlord, but low enough to keep the farmer's family from starving.

The communist appeal of taking land formerly belonging to royalty or the wealthy sealed the fate of the revolution everytime. Mark and Lenin has no appeal to these people because they introduce an idea that is ugly to those who just want to raise a family. You can't appeal to those people to steal from others to better themselves because they already know a better way and socialism ain't it.

The other element is racial majorities. In every one of these revolts a congruent ethnic group comprising a large racial majority of people in a given nation at some point decided to right some glaring social injustices through socialist revolution.

In order for a socialist revolution to work and to advance in the United States, we don't need a skinny negro telling us how great socialism is and how much capitalism sucks: If the largest ethnic group in the USA, white people, come to the conclusion that some social injustices need to be addressed through socialist revolution, they will be addressed and no amount of preening about multiculturalism and social justice will stop the carnage that will begin.

It is truly perverse that our most liberal liberals who really want a socialist revolution will never admit that it will be the largest racial group in the USA, white folks, that will benefit most from revolution, not those whom are placed as examples of an unjust society.

It is for the reasons above that absolute respect US Constitution with regards to private property, just taxation and an unintrusive government, something that is in excruciatingly short supply with the current road show in the White House, is paramount to preserving a society that does respect everyone's rights.

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