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Posted by: badanov

I have shifted away some from posting here because I basically run Rantburg's "Mexico Desk", compiling and writing War on Terror news as it occurs in Mexico.

The writing I am doing is essentially journalism because I run the Mexican translation through Babelfish and then I rewrite the news in AP-like style.

I don't get a dime for it, but I do have some fun and I am given a wide berth, so there's that.

I try to do a daily compilation of gang and drug murders we call "More Mexican Mayhem" and then when I have time, I will post additional stories about War on Terror Mexican Army operations in Mexico.

I will post the separate stories on Mexican Army operations here for all five of my regular readers, and there have been a large number of operations recently.

After all, this blog is about nothing if not army operations, right?

If you have something to add, Fire Away!

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