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The ceasefire agreement in place since 1800 hrs Friday has been broken, with both artillery and small arms fire reported, according to pro Russian media.

Ukrainian artillery has been firing continually in and near Donetsk for the past ten days, and though it has reportedly been diminished, the fire missions continue.

According to the pro Russian Voice of Sevastopol news outlet, artillery strikes hit the city of Donetsk in both residential and industrial areas Friday.

Artillery hit Makeyevka Volnovakha, Budyonovka and Petrovsky districts throughout Friday until the 1800 ceasefire went into effect. Two of these districts, Petrovsky and Makevka, were the targets of Ukrainian artillery since at least mid-August.

After 1800 hrs, Ukrainian artillery struck the Petrovsky and Makevka districts.

Until Friday at least some of the artillery fire was coming from near the airport in the north, but militia units reported that Ukrainian units have been pushed away from the area. However, conflicting reports from militia say some Ukrainian units remain.

For their part, pro Russian militia were shelling parts of Donetsk Friday against Ukrainian military targets. Militia artillery hit the Spartak state farm.

Pro Russian media reported that five civilians were killed Thursday by Ukrainian artllery in Petrovsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky districts.

Both sides in the conflict have used the time just before and during the ceasefire to reinforce their positions, especially around Mariupol, areas still contested just a few kilometers north of Mariupol and between Donetsk and Lugansk where pro Ruussian militia are trying to liquidate Ukrainian troops trapped near Ilovaisk for the last 10 days.

Pro Russian militia have pointed out that Ukrainian police units vowed to continue fighting despite the ceasefire.

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