Ukrainian security service detains Rooshun bomber subject logo: DONBASWAR
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A partially identified Russian national was detained in Kharkov by a local office of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) Tuesday, according to Russian language news accounts.

The woman, identified by her call sign "Teresa" was detained, along with several items the local prosecutor said identified her as the head of a clandestine sabotage and reconnaissance group.

According to the news account, the detainee had entered Kharkov oblast in Ukraine around February, 2015. Among the contraband seized were improvised explosive devices, ammunition, and "anti Ukrainian symbols".

The detainee is being tied to an explosion which destroyed a Ukrainian flag pole on Pravda Avenue and caused damage to nearby structures, mostly in the form of broken glass. According to a separate report, the destruction of the flag pole was designated as an act of terrorism by the local prosecutor's office.

Kharkov city has seen a number of bombings, most attacking rolling railway stock, but also attacking localities which aid in the Ukrainian war effort against the Don Basin rebels. Earlier reports from that region suggested a number of Russian backed guerrilla groups operate in the region.

The most recent bombing attacks were directed against rail cars in the Kharkov rail yard, the last in March. Damage was caused, but no injuries were reported.

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