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By Chris Covert

Artillery fire exchanges continued in Gorlovka and Donetsk city, and fighting intensified in Shirokino, according to Russian language news and official sources.

According to the Donetsk ministry of defense Ukrainian artillery hit targets in the Kievskiy and Oktyabrskiy districts, and at the airport terminal, as well as at Spartak.

Artillery fire on Gorlovka, according to defense ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin, damaged four residential structures. Rebel media said that five unidentified civilians were killed.

Ukrainian media said that their artillery struck targets in western Gorlovka, specifically rebel 120mm mortars, which were also hitting civilians, killing three and wounding three.

Fighting in Donetsk

Rebel and Ukrainian artillery units continue pounding one another in western Donetsk.

Rebel media claimed that Ukrainian artillery hit several residences in Kuibyshevskiy district damaging eight residences, setting five on fire. Rebel media also claimed that Ukrainian artillery killed two unidentified civilians.

In Kievskiy district, three residences were hit by Ukrainian artillery.

Ukrainian media said that rebel artillery, including 120mm mortar and 122mm tube artillery, hit targets in Peski and Avdievka.

According to a new account in the Ukrainian Russian language site, rebel artillery hit targets in Opytnoye, and when Ukrainian artillery with the 90th Battalion returned fire at targets at the airport terminal, they claimed to have struck a forward ammunition depot belonging to the rebels, destroying it.

Ukrainian media confirmed rebel reports that a shootout was underway at Spartak, which goes some distance in explaining Ukrainian artillery hitting the Putilovsky bridge two days ago.

Putilovsky bridge is on a key route from the west to the Donetsk airport, and was the site of an intense tank gunfight last February, just after the airport fell to the rebels.

Rebel media also claimed that a small arms firefight had taken place at Peski, which is split between the two combatants.


Fighting and artillery fire continued at Marinka, according to Ukrainian media.

A separate report in said that rebels used 120mm mortar and tank gunfire against targets in residential sectors.


Rebel media reported that Ukrainian artillery units fired 122mm rocket artillery into several rebel controlled areas including in Shirokino, Berdyansk and Mirnoye, 80 rounds in all.

Ukrainian media said that their artillery fired on positions of rebel 152mm artillery around the Shirokino area of operation.

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