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Instances of artillery and small arms fire directed against rebel held territory in western Donetsk have increased in the last two days, according to official rebel, Ukrainian and Russian language news accounts.

According to data supplied by the Donetsk ministry of defense, Ukrainian forces have fired on rebel forces more than 140 times in the past two days including artillery fire in western Donetsk city suburbs.

Ukrainian artillery fire strikes were recorded Thursday at the airport terminal and at Spartak. On Wednesday, a total of 85 attacks were recorded including at the Donetsk airport, Spartak, and the Kuibisevsky, Kievskiy and Petrovskiy districts of western Donetsk city.

Rebel officials say Ukrainian forces continue to use heavy weapons banned by the February 15th version of the Minsk ceasefire. Gorlovka, under artillery fire since the start of the year was once again hit by Ukrainian artillery.

According to data supplied by the Ukrainian ministry of defense, rebel forces Wednesday night to Thursday morning launched an attack on Ukrainian positions in western areas of Donetsk city including at Peski, Avdievka, Marinka and Opytnoye.

Ukrainian media said also that rebel 122mm artillery fired on targets west and north of Gorlovka for two hours. Tank gunfire and other heavy weapons were also used in the attacks.

Late Thursday night, Ukrainian ministry of defense news said that rebels fired 152mm artillery on Avdievka.

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