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This mission is subsequent to the Death of Viktor Ustinov mission, and takes place just two days after he is assassinated.

The mission briefing is as follows:

Olga Medvedev and an unidentified personal assistant of the late Viktor Ustinov have been placed under arrest and are current being held prisoner at an abandoned warehouse just north of Gvozdno. Naval intelligence think she will be executed at dawn. We have to move fast.

We already have two operatives, long range snipers at the location who have spent most of last night and all day today keeping the warehouse under observation.

Your team will move by helicopter to the insertion point and then move quickly cross country until you reach a point approximately 75 meters from the warehouse. You will be encountering enemy armed foot patrols along the way but you must avoid detection, and you must not fire on the patrols.

There's no way to finesse this, lieutenant. When you give the snipers the signal to commence firing they will take down the guards as best as they can, but you will still have to go in guns blazing to rescue Medvedev and the personal assistant.

Once the operative is secured you must reverse the route you took to get to the warehouse to get to the extraction point.

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