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By Chris Covert

Shelling and direct fire attacks continue to increase by both sides on the line of contact in Donetsk, according to Russian language news accounts.

According to a new report which appeared in, rebel forces fired 82mm and 120mm mortar fire into several key areas including at Yasinovataya, Zaytsevo, western districts of Donetsk city and several villages in southern Donetsk on Wednesday.

Among the localities hit in northwestern Donetsk were Mayorsk, Opytnoye, Leninskoye and Nevelskiy. Quoting Ukrainian military officials, rebel artillery hit Ukrainian positions at Zaytsevo and Avdievka, firing a total of 250 shells.

A separate report said that rebel forces fired more than 200 shells into Mayorsk and Zaytsevo. Quoting Ukrainian Colonel Alexander Motuzyanik, both side suffered killed and wounded including when Ukrainian forces initiated counterbattery fire on Zaytsevo. According to Col. Motuzyanik a total of five civilians were wounded in Zaytsevo in the shelling.

In southern Donetsk, according to Ukrainian military officials, rebel forces shelled Shirokino with mortars and attacked several villages with small arms fire.

According to an official news release from the Donetsk ministry of defense, on Wednesday Ukrainian forces fired on rebel forces more than 500 times, for a total of 43 violations of the ceasefire. Ukrainian artillery hit rebel positions in Spartak, the Donetsk airport, Yasinovataya and in Zaytsevo.

In southern Donetsk, Ukrainian artillery hit rebel positions at Kominternovo, Sahanka and Dokuchaevsk.

Rebel reports say they lost three dead and one wounded in the fighting, while the Ukrainians lost two to rebel sniper fire.

A separate rebel report said that Ukrainian forces fired on rebel positions in Yasinovataya using 152mm artillery. Ukrainian forces have charged that rebels have been using heavier artillery as well including 122mm artillery, which they claim to be sited near Yasionovataya.

On Thursday, according to another report, rebel forces shelled Ukrainian positions near Zaytsevo more than 300 times using mortar fire, and used heavy artillery.

Yet another korrespondent,.net report said that rebels fired on Ukrainian troops in Peski and Opytnoye, both towns of which are west of Donetsk city. Rebels also fired artillery fire on Ukrainian positions in southern Donetsk at Shirokino, Pavlopole, Talakovke and Gnutova.

A rebel news report said that Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 28 times, firing mostly on Zaystevo.

Rebels charged that Ukrainian forces fired on rebel position near Zaytsevo using 122mm rocket artillery. If true, the report signals a further escalation in the fighting, in which rebel forces could respond.

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