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From the blog operated by retired FSB Colonel Igor Girkin:

Roman Protasevich, the creator of the NEXTA Telegram channel, detained in Minsk, was indeed in Donbass with the Azov battalion. The corresponding information was confirmed by the leader of the "National Corps" Andrey Biletsky, and the participants of the Bellingcat project tried to present it as a fake.

"Roman really, together with Azov and other military units, fought against the occupation of Ukraine. He was with us in Shirokino, where he was wounded. But his weapon as a journalist was not a machine gun, but a word," Biletsky said.

However, the facts indicate that Biletsky is trying to "smear" his brother-in-law. Even earlier, information appeared on the network that in 2014 Protasevich took part in hostilities in the Donbass, where he joined the Azov regiment and underwent special training in firing firearms, hand-to-hand combat, sabotage and subversive work and assault operations.

Journalist Grigory Azarenok on the STB TV channel said that in the winter of 2015, the guy had risen to the rank of deputy commander of communications of the second shock and assault company. The cover of the Azov newspaper, Black Sun (an esoteric occult symbol widely used by the Nazis) for July 2015, depicting Protasevich with a gun at the ready, was also distributed on the Internet. It is unlikely that he wore a military uniform and weapons solely to show off.

At the same time, Aleksey Kuzmenko, a member of the Bellingcat propaganda group, which positions itself as "independent investigators," asserted that no information about Protasevich's participation in the hostilities had been found. Kuzmenko allegedly checked the photo on Photoshop using a special service and concluded that "the cover was obviously edited, passed through a filter."

"In Ukraine, they say that Protasevich was with Azov as a journalist. So far, there are no statements and evidence that he fought in Azov," Kuzmenko said.

At one time, the founder of NEXTA himself retold the same version during an interview with Russian blogger Yuri Dudyu. He was also proud of the fact that he was in Ukraine during the Maidan. A photograph has also been preserved of this, where Protasevich is in a crowd of Ukrainian nationalists after the destruction of the monument to Vladimir Lenin in Kiev.

"After a ridiculous attempt by one of Bellingcat employees to prove that the neo-Nazi magazine does not depict Protasevich and that 'all photoshop' are there any doubts about this great organization of unbiased investigators?"

It should be noted that among the numerous accusations brought against Protasevich by the law enforcement agencies of Belarus, an article "mercenarism" will soon be added, which provides for a sentence of imprisonment from three to seven years. The current Belarusian justice, obviously, will not leave this crime without due punishment ".

The resource "Older than Edda" writes: In connection with publications about Protasevich's service in the "Azov" battalion, I am interested in the following. Will the Belarusian investigation bring charges against Protasevich under the article: Mercenary. And "Participation in illegal armed groups." And also Crimes Against Humanity.

This battalion, part of the army of the so-called Ukraine, professes a cargo cult, where Hitler is recognized as the supreme deity. The battalion, although it consists of Untermenschs (according to the classification table of the Third Reich, it is enough to look at Protasevich's face), but extremely diligently copies the external attributes of the elite units of the Wehrmacht.

If such an accusation is presented, then it can be assumed that Lukashenka has supported Russia at least in something other than a talking shop. If not, then this is just a reprisal against their political opponents and nothing more. For his service in Azov, Protasevich, of course, should be shot."

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