A compendium of videos on the Donbass war, 2014-2015 subject logo: DONBASWAR
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"Klim" about clearing Ilovaisk from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Captain". Thanks to Strelkov for leading the militia out of Slavyansk.

"Shaman". Sniper without fanaticism.

"Shaman". Beginning of work in the "Leshego" reconnaissance group.

"Shaman". Battles for Yampol and Krasny Liman.

About the fall of the Red Estuary

"Shaman". The problem of sniper work.

"Shaman". The first contusion and departure from Debaltseve.

"Shaman". Battles for Yampol and Krasny Liman.

"Shaman". Why did he go to fight and what was the motivation of the militias.

Vasily Kusakin on the battles for Shirokino.

"Dome". It's good if a field wife with brains and does not climb where it is not necessary

"Phantom". The story of a Slavic armored group survivor (Anatoly Kurganov had a 70 percent burn)

Vladimir Zinchenko on the battles of the summer of 2014.

"Student". A militia from Kherson after wounds and three micro-strokes.

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