Ambush of an Aidar troop column, September, 2014 subject logo: DONBASWAR
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Via Russian military journalist Boris Rozhin:

Best I can figure, the ambush took place on a road between Shchastya and Metalist, just north of Lugansk in September, 2014.

A supply column for the Aidar Battalion was ambushed by a mix of mercenaries and Russian contractor soldiers. The separatist group had the use of am unmarked BTR. Both the Aidar truck and passenger car were destroyed by RPG fire.

Later in the video, a wounded militiaman was being escorted to another passenger car. He clearly was suffering from shock. In my opinion, the separatists should have secured the area, lay the militiaman down, covered him up and elevated his feet.

The field interrogation revealed information as to the size of the Aidar unit in the local area (50 effectives) and their destination. The man was suffering from his wounds.

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