F*cking Weird; That is O'Keefe subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
Posted by: badanov

I found this on Red State.

The ACORN videos were a yawner for me. Just a buncha folks using the system against The Man!

But putting an individual, let alone a woman, in a compromising position for political purposes; that's a play right out of the Alinsky playbook.

Some advice for O'Keefe: Let them clackers drop down a few more inches before trying something like this on a woman and then claim to be a conservative.

You're lucky she wasn't packing an equalizer or didn't have a steroid case nearby primed to break you open like a cheap shotgun.

Try a stunt like this on a female relative of a real conservative and there ain't nowhere in the US you can hide from retribution.

And I seriously doubt you can outrun a bullet.

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