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Posted by: badanov

This is the kind of crap I have been fighting against in blogs since there were blogs.

It has never been about what the left's enemies does or thinks. It's about their agenda and their agenda clearly states that if you defend anything with firearms or with the threat of violence, you are more evil than if you do nothing.

Stephen Green can be all humorous about the depths of calumny the left uses to disarm their very protectors, but the actual goal of these people is not to be funny, but destruction of everything by sworn enemies or freedom.

Humor no longer works. The left is ridicule proof, and I present you as prima facie evidence the climate change movement.

We knew it was a fraud when they started with it, we said it was a fraud as they began implementing policies and when it was proven to be a fraud that should have ended the particular bit of insanity.

But noooo...

Now it's called something else, and the left's agenda continues merrily onwards.

And so it will be unless things change. We got to the ballot box, and now we see if the agenda can be wrecked.

I am not hopeful.

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