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( Cue ominous sounding background music)

The man, whose picture you see, whose identity has been masked to protect it, is a victim.

Last Friday a coed in Seattle, Washington received a photo of his carefully clothed wang sent from his Twitter account.

Officials know about it. Law enforcement knows about it. Even the press knows about it, yet no one will lift a finger to bring the coed to justice.

(Cue happy sounding piano music)

But you can help.

Please give to Democrats Opposing Pornographic Extremists (DOPE).

With a donation of just $10.00, you can buy the victim a better style of shorts.

For just $25 a day you can slather Twitter and Facebook technical help with cash into not letting out any information about how that vicious 21 year old coed received that photo.

And for only $185 dollars an hour you can provide him with a Washington lawyer.

Only you can stop 21 year olds from receiving soft pornographic photos online.

Be a DOPE, will you?

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