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Steve H at Hog on Ice has a series of posts about Pajamas Media concerning the lack of ads on conservative babe Michele Malkin's blog.

The speculation for the moment is that Mrs. Malkin, who was running BlogAds on her site, is now running no ads in anticipation for the changeover to Pajamas Media ads. Since no ads are running and therefore no revenue is being generated, is it possible Malkin would be compensated out of the investor's end?

It is something of a catfight, since now two elements from Pajamas Media, John Cole and Juliette are commenting at Hog on Ice essentially trying to tell everyone to STFU, albeit not in so many words.

This behavior from Pajamas Media lends some credence to an earlier story we speculated on about elements in Pajamas Media going after critics and hints of threats.

Our view is that if you have a startup business, you are going to be criticized, no matter who you are, but what you do not do is go after your critics. You learn to take it like a man and prove the critics wrong, quietly and gracefully; and you do it by working hard, staying focused on your goal and letting your critics talk all they want.

Right now, Pajamas Media just looks like a bunch of Kos trolls, with more money than they know what to do with.

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