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A fight on the Internet breaks out about a start up venture, so intense that three of the partners involved with the start up log on and start tossing about name calling and insults.

Fast forward just five hours and two of the criticizing blogs Dennis the Peasant and Riehlworld have reset their databases to 10 December. As if nothing ever happened.

Everything below is just pure guess work on our part.

We don't know if this was done at the behest of some threat or done by the bloggers themselves in protest.

And because we don't yet have the full story and we are just guessing at this point, we are unlikely to get the full story from either the above or the folks at Pajamas Media.

Suffice it to say we are unimpressed. What we read in Hog on Ice, Moxie and elsewhere was a lot of intense speculation on the critics' part, and some extremely irresponsible behavior on the part of elements of Pajamas Media.

It appears that Pajamas Media will brook no opposition or criticism either within their little union or in other blogs.

How Robert Mugabe of them.

By the way, the links to the two spiked stories are here and here.

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