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Posted by: badanov

There's another blog war and again Pamela Geller is again at the center of it.

The link in the title points to an article in Gates of Vienna detailing part of the war.

At issue is a statement Geller made a few days ago that the Englsh Defense League was or was becoming antisemetic after one of the members of the EDL was dismissed for cause.

Geller inspires a lot of loyalty amongst her readers and associates. Probably for her passions for defending Isreal and for her journalistic background. She does seem to have a knack for making herself the story, which is understandable given she wants as many eyes as possible on her blog.

Her supporters tend to be boisterous. As a hand at Rantburg, I have run into at least two of her supporters two months ago, indirectly related to the Major Hassan court martial.

A couple of Texas polticians did not have the votes to pass a Texas state antigroper law, and a US Attorney threatened legal action, so at least one individual suggested to readers at they try to place two federal peple including the US attorney on a sexual offenders registry list. His post was spiked, of course and then I had to helpfully chime in with a couple of links to Texas Governor Rick Perry's office and to the Texas Department of Public Safety, on the thinking that those two offices were the most likley to listen to their frustrations.

That went really well, as you can tell from this thread.

The next day after one of the mods posted a friendly warning, one of the people who got so upset from the day before reminded us that he was the person who originally put us on to a story about Major Hassan's defense attorney charges of delays in Hassan's trial.

Think about that a minute.

An attorney for an Islamic terrorist wanted people at Rantburg to make something of delays in a military cour martial.

You can see that thread here.

Geller's name came up in that thread because she was an online element that ran with the story, but as I pointed out, it was a non-story. Obama could have paid for Hassan to get nightly lap dances at the local Texas strip club at the end of each trial day. He is the commander in chief. It's his call.

That Geller ran with the story shows more than anything else the extents to which she will go for publicity, even if it is adverse for her purported cause. It is a reason why she made the error of publically repudiating the EDL and why she can't walk her statements back without an abject apology. The publicity would die down too much for her personal tastes.

Geller is in it for Geller and if Islam overran Europe tomorrow, as long as Geller gets more page views, she is probably okay with that.

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