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Top 10 data left on the Iranian captured spy drone:

10: d-r-i-n-k m-o-r-e O-v-a-l-t-i-n-e
9: Lady Gaga's latest music video
8: A hyperlink for donations to Barky's re-election campaign.
7: The telephone number for General Atomics call center.
6: A post-it note left taped on the drone's hard drive with telephone numbers to the local Taco Bell in San Diego.
5: Instructions on how to attach a PS3 controller.
4: A hyperlink to Private Manning's Facebook page.
3: Plans for Shelley's next four vacations.
2: "Where all de wimmin at?" Secret Service.
and the number one data left on the Iranian captured drone

A UPS label for shipping the drone back to California.

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