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What a lothesome creature James Wolcott is.

In one blog post this man managed to insult a quarter of the US population which lives in the south by in a predictable and tired manner equating folks in the south with lynchings.

He also managed to insult the huge proportion of the entire US population who do not equate touching with flashing “titties.”

What a wanker.

We can' think of anything more bigoted and dishonest than a liberal writer.

From time to time we poke our heads in to LGFWatch to see what Charles Johnson's detractors are saying and from that site we followed a link to an article to by James Wolcott about a New York blogger Atlas Shrugs, aka Pamela Oshry .

This Vanity Fair author owes her an apology, written and in public. We fail to see how a writer could be retained on a magazine staff and write the invective he writes, the way he writes it.

He doesn't write politics: This is porn.

Wolcott is out of ideas and being a part of a bankrupt and dishonest ideology he has to point out to the rest of us proles Oshry has “titties.”

His is the rantings of a misogynist. But because this excreble human being is of the left, we don't expect any female staff revolts at Vainity Fair against his constant use of female genitalia in attacking his opponents.

The man sounds like an oilfield pipeyard hand in his intellect and the way to constructs a rational thought. Sorry to all my friends who work in oilfield pipeyards. Maybe he could talk about a pipeyard manager's wife or a yard hand by using sexual terms. How long do you think he could last with an intact nose?

Our guess is, like most liberals, the man can't really write honestly about what he thinks because liberalism is a dishonest ideology.

We say Wolcott is dishonest because frankly the photos we have seen of Oshry should come with a bib warning. Oshry happens to be a total package from what he can tell, being smart and beautiful, the kind of woman you rarely see from the left.

The man owes her an apology, but we know we will have to wait until Auburn wins the SEC championship in mens basketball to see one.

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