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Posted by: badanov

We haven't had time to read closely Dennis' remarks on Pajamas Media's ad kits, but we will remark on some basic points.

In the the movie User Cars, the main character played by Kurt Russell had a sales philosophy if you will. We have refined it for our own sales philosophy:

Get their attention, get their friendship, get their trust, then get their money.

We were in the position of Pajamas Media , 60 seconds would be far too long a delay in getting information to an interested sales prospect.

In trying to sell blogs or business web space, we would kill for an interested customer.

Most folks when they enquire about something are usually ready to buy, and while in such instances this may not be a ready-made customer, you have to take steps to show this prospect you mean business. That means timeliness of delivery of any sales material, close to immediate response to a customer's questions and demand, and a friendly but firm pressure to buy and continue to buy, as well as delivery of the goods.

Our best guess is that if Pajamas Media treats sales prospects as well as customers this way, someone else is going to step in and take their business from them. My bet would be Google or Yahoo.

These guys best tighten up their web presence or they will be left with nothing but explanation of what happened to their $7 million.

By the way, if anyone is interested, we can start an internet ad sales program/web site for just one percent of the pile of cash Pajamas Media is sitting on, and in the first year we could guarantee a break even on the full investment if not a small profit.

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