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In the heart of America is this story about a church deacon in Edmond, Oklahoma who commits a sex crime against his daughter and her friends, by setting up a hidden camera in his daughter's bedroom and in a bathroom, and collecting the pictures

And while the story is bad enough what emerges is that the girls who were this guy's victims has the cajones to confront the man about it, when they found their images on his computer.

Two things:

I have always told my daughter, now 19, when you see something going on that's wrong, talk about it. The more people you tell the better it is for everyone. These girls were apparently raised the same way.

Plus, these girl are apparently not unique, just young ladies caught up in a uniquely bad set of circumstances. There is a whole generation of your women coming up in the world who don't take this kind of nonsense from anyone, not even from parents, who do and say the right things even if there is an element of danger in doing so.

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