Misogyny As Intellectual Thought II subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
Posted by: badanov

Take a gander at this:

Pamela honey, once you're done wiping Bolton's spooge off your chin and reapplying your lip gloss, maybe you could ask your fellow AIPAC conference attendees what they think about the prospect of feygeleh rabbis. Keeping in mind that virulent homophobia -- not to mention general cuntiness -- is a hallmark of our Islamo-fascist enemies.

We are going to make two comments about this:

One: The fella ( we assume it is a fella making this post ) must be engaged in projection, so the only question Pamela Oshry should ask is what lip gloss does this poster prefer.

Two: With his one interview of US ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Pamela Oshry has published more original journalism than LGF, LGF-Watch and this blog COMBINED.

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