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Procyon Data Services, not yet incorporated, is finally on its own.

Some of our readers know the reasons why we had to quit our family's business, but at 52 getting a real job just isn't a realistic option.

So, now we offer for real Unix and web-based services for small businesses, preferably locally, but we can work from remote.

We did run on our own a one-man operation called Procyon Tool Company starting in 1997, but it was a shrinking market in manufacturing.

So now, we begin again, this time with negative capital and a deep belief in the operating system that is FreeBSD Unix and a hope that we can achieve our business, personal and financial goals.

Our product lines include remote databasing, security consulting, web-based catalogs and low cost e-commerce packages for small businesses.;

Visit our website from time to time to see the Jolly Roger flying, which it will be for those instances in which we make a sale of some kind. As we grow we may well grow out of this kind of childishness, but at the same time, fun is important,too.

Our tenure at our family's company has not been a kind nor inspiring one, but it was made tolerable by my dear father. I am and always will be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to work with him and show him what I can do. After the type of kid and young man I was, he deserved better than he got, but I leave confident I gave him the best I had, and secure in the knowledge that was all he had.

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