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We guess now it is too much to ignore: Ms. Debbie Schlussel is now the next Internet chewtoy.

We want to stay out of this because we do not think everything has been hashed out about what the issues are in the pissing match between this blogging lady and her newfound enemies.

But there's some time now. The NFL draft is still three weeks away. We have seen this war turn into something all internet wars turn into over time: ongoing skirmishes. And we suspect by the time centers and quarterbacks report to NFL camp, there will likely still be skirmishing. Of course by then, we can safely ignore it.

The latest skirmish involves a freelance journalist, Jill Carroll, who was kidnapped by some bad guys, and then shown on video tearfully pleading for her life. When she was released she was apparently by Ms. Carroll's admission, forced to say nice things about her captors, which caused Debbie Schlussel to launch into a diatribe about Carroll's public admissions, then someone said Schlussel should apologize, then the dam burst.

Our view is basically in line with Ms. Schlussel. Jill Carroll already had a leftist agenda before she even set foot in Iraq, and when she was kidnapped we wrote the incident off as friendly fire, and we stand by that assertion.

Schlussel's behavior since the minefield post ( it is in the archives title 'Nuff Said ) has not eroded that conviction.

None of this means ill of Ms. Carroll, nor does it mean that she should not be a journalist or she is a bad person. It simply means she was on the wrong side of the fence, the wrong side of the war, got caught there and fortunately got released before any harm could befall her.

Of course, reading Schlussel's blog, you wouldn't know that because this website owner is apparently on her bad side and anything we post as a remark to her site is flushed, as assume as a matter of form, all because we posted a simple warning: Schlussel is a minefield.

We guess it is safe to day Debbie Schlussel brooks no dissent.

You have four choices with a minefield. You can allow it to channel you into an area the layer of the field wants you to do; you can go around it. You can clear it; or you can go through. Bloggers have made a conscious choice to go through the minefield and with predictable result.

But it makes for a good show.

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