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We have added Captains Quarters to our blog list for three reasons.

One are links to two other political blogs we read regularly, Powerline and Hugh Heweit, plus the blogger, Ed Morrissey, is a very good writer.

The third reason is kinda convoluted. We can summarize it as this:

We took down a link to a blog by an Ohio accountant who was summarily boned by two left coast bloggers over a business deal, later associated with Pajamas Media.

At first he was fun and funny, then came a strange desire to separate hismelf from the right by claiming a moral superioity over the right with regard to Muslims. We understood later on it was a need on his part to separate himself from Charles Johnson of LGF; to provide an alternative, as it were to Johnson's sometimes intense concentration of War on Terror news.

We held no ill will over this sudden need to score points with his clients, and we regarded his posts as a simple problem in target discrimination.

But in time and inevitably, he started to, in our terms, leave the gate open, allowing "zipperheads in the wire," so to speak. This was an understandable consequence to his leftward shift despite his claims to being a conservative. We could live with that.

But when the right, according to this blogger, became a buncha racists because of immigration, it took what little support and goodwill for the wrongs done him away from us.

We were a good deal slower in realizing the man had crossed the line until this week, than other more enlightened folks, such as Fits. And we finally agree: he is too far gone to recover.

Oh well. Ain't no thang, and we like to read tighter political analyses anyway. We just hope that Morrissey has a little better target discrimination than did the other fella. Pretty sure he does.

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