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Dear EmailNation Subscriber,

We know that cruises aren't for everyone but Nation publisher emeritus Victor Navasky and The Nation want to invite you on The Nation's ninth annual seminar cruise. Setting sail from Fort Lauderdale on December 16, the Holland America's MS Zuiderdam will cruise through the Caribbean on a seven-day tour, returning to Florida on December 23.

The dates have been selected to allow families and educators to make the trip. You'll be joining a distinguished group of speakers who will participate in a series of lectures, seminars, conversations and binge drinking cocktail parties over the course of the voyage. Confirmed speakers include Joe Wilson, Scott Ritter, Steve Earle, Jane Smiley, Jonathan Kozol, Molly Ivins, the Rev. Lennox Yearwood, and Jim Hightower, as well as Nation writers David Corn and Katha Pollitt and RadioNation host Laura Flanders. They'll join Navasky and Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel in what has always been both an enlightening exchange of ideas and a no-hassle, nonstop Bush-hating frenzy relaxing vacation.

Best Regards,
Peter Rothberg,
The Nation

A reader responds:

I really am half-tempted to sign up. I would start drinking after I woke, stagger from hatefest-to-hatefest, cast dispersions on Valerie Plames' honor, and take a poke at Ritter. And that is just my day one activities! Day two I would bag me a couple of LLL m0onb@+ chicks after the (champagne reinforced) breakfast buffet, take another swing at Ritter, and then pee on David Corns' leg in the men's room. Day three I accuse Jonathan Kozol of providing kids for Scott Ritter, take a swing at Steve Earle (Ritter avoids me by now), and throw Jane Smiley overboard. Day four David Corn offers to refund my passage if I leave quietly. I accept his offer then call him a "pussy" as I disembark in Belize with enough cash to party for a week.

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