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Posted by: badanov

We have seen a story or two from conservative sites about folks wearing or selling clothing with the Soviet hammer and sickle or some representation of the USSR.

We have been wargaming as the Soviets for at least 15 years now. We read as much as we can about WWII on the Eastern Front, as well as the current Russian Army. We know and understand much about the Soviet military from operational and tactical doctrine right down to how communications are set up and even how food and fuel is delivered to Soviet mobile troops.

We discovered wargaming in a military town, Lawton, Oklahoma; and along the way we learned once again how to be a patriot. We don't wear Soviet inspired clothing, but we do drive around with the Stars and Strips in the cab of the truck

We play the Soviets because, frankly, our Axis and/or NATO opponents need a competent opponent, not just someone willing to play the Soviet side in wargames.

We know just how hard it is to in any congent sense to state our beliefs are in line with the USSR, when we know the truth that such views are of by definition a brutal display of personal narcissism. We have done it.

And we repudiated those views and never looked back.

We understand that the left has intensified its anti-American propaganda of late and the display of the Soviet jack is but one element meant to confuse and anger conservatives and patriots.

It is our sincere desire to clarify our role in this plog as encouraging people to kill Germans on the silicon battlefield, the more brtual the better. Of course we expect our enemies to kill Soviets, so we guess that makes it alright.

If anyone wishes to challenge us on our wargaming and preference to play the Soviets, we stringly recommend finding and buying a copy of TalonSoft's East Front II, preferably the 1.3, and then mail us for a battle.

If you have something to add, Fire Away!

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