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Reading the article about the democratic country music songwriters group, you get the sense that the author not only doesn't listen to country music, the author's very and personal prejudices come through.

The Dixie Chicks got hammered for Natalie Maines' remarks in England three years ago because the term "Love Your Country" has several meanings.

Concert ticket sales and venues are way down, and concerts are where the profit for most music acts are. Country music stations don't play their music at the risk of losing listeners to other country stations in a very competitive market, and country music fans aren't buying their music.

Since that time, the Chicks' reaction to the reaction was to have published a racy photo in a magazine and to defiantly declare with their latest album they are not ready to make nice, yet.

An additional charge leveled by Chicks fans is that "talk radio" harangued country music fans to boycott the Chicks, and we have the situation we have now, where Maines and the Chicks can claim they are victims of a political witch hunt.

We just want the Dixie Chicks to get back to what they do best: waitressing. They are finished as a country music act.

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