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On August 29, 2006, my father died peacefully in his bed.

The ensueing time has been spent trying to settle his estate, take care of my own business and perform any number of normal tasks.

My family, friends, business associates, as well as friends online were the only ones who knew of the loss. I wanted to keep the coterie of friends and acquiantences small because that is what I felt most comfortable with.

This mourning period I wasn't exactly an ascetic. I continued to watch and analyze pro and college fotball as well as enjoy the games, but I didn't think I was ready for a truley public announcement the reasons for the dearth of posts.

My father's death is a real loss since the man was a friend and a confidante, as well as critic and my biggest fan whatever I did, no matter how dumb I did it.

Little can be gained from such a loss. It will be with me for the rest of my days, and I will always miss the man, but I hope something good can come from his departure and will come in time whatever it is.

But I have to live. I have a daughter in college I am trying to help, I have to continue to do the Unix-based business I chose; I have to live.

I understand it was wrong to leave readers who were not acquaintences in the dark. There can be no excuse, except that I just decided to do it.

Now, on with the BCS games!

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