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Posted by: badanov

Pretty messed up football anaology.

From TFA:

This sounds like a football coach losing 42-0 in the fourth quarter yelling at the reporters on the sideline that he could still win if they just didn't keep putting the score up on the scoreboard. Although his game plan was awful and he got trounced on the field, he keeps yelling at everybody that they are quitters and monkeys. There isn't enough time to win anymore. The game has been lost for quite some time now, but we still have the raving coach saying we could win if we just throw a couple of more bombs.

No, it's more like a football coach winning 14-13, despite the opposing team fans helping the opposing team on the field and interfering on the field, and calling the victory a defeat while the referees let it all happen, and the sports reporters listening only to the opposing team's fans for sports journalism.

We gotta give the guy some slack. After all his school's mascot is a Quaker. But he should stay away from football anologies. He might get hurt.

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