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Posted by: badanov

From His Imperial Armaliteness comes a disturbing revelation that Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom took one for the team in the form of a pay cut due to supressed internet traffic.

We like Mr. Goldstein and admire him his political views, his writing and his humor. Many others on the port side of the political spectrum detest this likable man, some so much so that threats were made against his very family.

We also seem to recall a spell in which Protein Wisdom was taken offline for a day or so due to attacks, both events clearly beyond his control and both mitigating circumstances.

As a matter of a business arrangment given how abjectly hostile the left is towards brilliant men like Goldstein, the agreement he made with Pajams Media should have had an element in it taking into account such events. After all most of the blogs in this consortium, to call it what it is, are political in nature. It is difficult to see how passions would not be ignited especially these days with such a traitorous and perfidious left sharing in the Internet.

We would recommend. and not just to Mr. Goldstein, that he ask to revisit the agreement with provisions to take into account such events. We seriously doubt any of the bloggers in Pajamas Media have business sense, but a few are law professors. It would make sense given how volitile opinion can sometimes be that a rider in such a business arrangement take such events into account.

Had we taken the hit we would seek strongly to modify the arrangement to handle circumstances such as these or to terminate the agreement completely. It is black letter common law that a bad contract can be terminated by one side.

After all, Pajams Media just boned Goldstein and didn't even have the common decency for a reach-around.

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