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One linked post of one of those in which the story really isn't that funny, but the comments are hilarious.

The setup is that Dan Collins, in addition to being a co-blogger with Jeff Goldstein, is a columnist for a Baltimore newpaper, about the single life. One of the readers of that column happens to have a blog in which she remarks about being a single woman of ( we believe ) about 40+.

In her post, linked to in the story, she laments that the men she has dated and has been uhappy with were emotionally unavailable, because they had such high expectations, a fantasy she said she couldn't meet. So, she concluded that men who were deemed "emotionally unavailable" were simply not good enough for her.

Our first thought we won't even get into. But on reading the comments our second thought was we knew exactly the kind of man she was trying to find.

All she has to do is to go down to the local gay bay and she will find, packed shoulder to shoulder, all the "emotionally available" men she wants.

She can forget about hetero sex but hey, if your primary requirement is emotional availability, you can't go wrong with something in a 27 year old.

Here are some of the funnier remarks:

and ends up dreaming of the guy who will be Emotionally Available* in a way none of the other guys have been.
*I assume this is shorthand for “Never stops talking.

Funny, but I would have concluded the author of that “EU” post is one of those needy, clingy females that drive normal guys to ordering male-order brides from Asia.

She seems to be the type that is seeking not a man, but a girlfriend with a penis and no tits.

I don’t know about you but in and among the epidemic of emotionally unavailable women out there, I’m really drawn to the self-victimizing, psychotherapized, newly-enlightened, self-congratulatory parent-blamer. With hormonal issues, gender blinders and the slightest tinge of narcissiblogism.
Because that needy is so attractive. Well, and because I’m an EU.

Think make-over ......

"Emotionally Unavailable” translated into English means “dares to occasionally think of their own needs.”

Maybe if she actually enjoyed sex, the guy would be less “emotionally unavailable”. Just my two cents.

Okay, maybe not that funny, but we were in tears laughing while reading them.

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