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Another descent into misogyny by Vanity Fair columnist James Wolcott.

If you will recall we remarked that James Wolcott was engaging in invective that only leftists could engage in without suffering any social stigma against Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs.

We really can't remark beyond that because we said all we had to say about this individual in the above linked post, so we will deal with only Ms. Geller's reaction to a typically smarmy post Wolcott posted a day or two ago.

Said Wolcott:

But if Pammy and PJM have met a sad parting of the ways, whose decision was it to file for divorce? It's hard for me to believe Pajamas Media would want to deprive itself of classic stellar Pamela posts such as (actual titles) "Jihadis Behead Baby and Roast It" and "Rosie: Queen of the Pig People.

Replied Ms. Geller:

Bottom line, I left Pajama so that I could sell advertising. Make a couple of bucks. Hellloooooo. GUILTY OF CAPITALISM. I can't sell ads under my agreement with PJM but don't let the facts get in the way of your cheap little obsession.

It gets better, but we won't delve into that.

It is interesting Ms. Geller mentioned her wherefores in dropping PJM, and it may well be a number of bloggers are getting into the act of selling internet advertising. Why allow a consortium to sell ads and then divide up profits when you can just eliminate the consortium?

This speculation doesn't, however, square with what we have read over the last week or so about the reasons why other PJM members left PJM. It appears that members were dropping PJM and in some cases they were being dropped themselves. None of this invalidates Ms. Geller's stated reason for leaving Pajamas Media.

You gotta wonder what is going on

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