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Posted by: badanov

Freefirezone is two today, and as it happens this blog shares birthdays with Powerline and The Daily Kos.

We'll leave you to guess without looking which blog we visit regularly.

Anyways, we also posted our first story the same month as Huffington Post, which was born on May 9th, 2005.

Just a note: We are mourning another death in the immediate family, and this one came from nowhere. Having a very hard time dealing with it, and that is why posting is so light.

Hopefully with NFL training camps just around the corner and college two a days a tiny bit farther down the road, we can get past this terrible time.

At least, that's the plan.

Oh, we almost forgot: those of you who notice such things will see that we have changed our lineup of blog links some, added a few, and removed a few. But last night we were reading over another humor blog, which is thoroughly enjoyed, and you should too.

It's Wuzzadem. Very funny blog. One story posted placed Arriana Huffington and some other leftist in a parody of the theme song "Green Acres."

We will be adding Wuzzadem to our lineup soon.

If you have something to add, Fire Away!

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